Preparing for the Future

The HR Strategic Transformation project reflects the Chancellor’s commitment to providing the best possible support services for UC Davis employees to advance the university’s mission and vision. It is aligned with the UC Davis Vision of Excellence and other campus initiatives.

The HR Strategic Transformation Project is a three phased process that will ensure HR is optimally equipped to deliver the type, volume and quality of HR services needed to advance an organization of its scope and global impact.

The first phase, Strategic Review, identified the current state of HR services, customer expectations and a future-state delivery model. Phase 1 was completed in May 2013.

Phase 2 involved the Strategic Planning necessary to support the future-state of service delivery. During this phase, staff from the full HR community developed Mission, Vision, and Values statements, and Strategic Goals that reflect One HR at UC Davis. Current work focuses on finalizing Tactical Plans that will support a three-year strategic plan for HR.

In early 2014 the HR community began planning for Phase 3, the Strategic Implementation of recommendations from the future-state design identified in Phase 1. Project updates are posted on a regular basis.

Strategic Review

phase 1 completed spring 2013

Strategic Planning

phase 2 finalizing

Strategic Implementation

phase 3 In development