Reclassification Pause for Non-Represented Positions Sept. 1 to Feb. 28, 2018

HR Compensation is pausing reclassifications of non-represented positions: Sept. 1 - Feb. 28, 2018.

Career Tracks Final Validation

timeline of Career Tracks

Final Validation takes place late July through August
HR Compensation will work closely with managers to finalize the placement of MSP and PSS non-represented employees into Career Tracks job standards. After the final validation review, the project will transition into implementation activities: reclassification pause, training, payroll system implementation and employee notification.  

  • Reclassification continues for represented positions where significant changes are proposed, or a new position created.
  • Classification continues for recruiting to both non-represented and represented positions, where a new position description requires classification.

The reclassification pause is necessary to support the smooth transition of non-represented staff positions into the Career Tracks job titles on the payroll system, for December, 2017. Pausing reclassifications from Sep 1 to Feb 28, allows for systems preparation prior to December, and the necessary follow-up actions afterwards. We understand the reclassification pause may impact your daily work and we are working to mitigate this as much as possible. Thank you for your ongoing support and hard work as we partner together to implement the Career Tracks classification system. The following Q&A may be a helpful resource to situations managers may experience.

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Reclassification Pause: Questions and Answers

A PPSM position in my department has taken on higher level functions that we believe would lead to the position being reclassified upwards. How do I acknowledge the efforts of the employee performing higher level functions during the reclassification pause?

Departments may request a standard 5% stipend or appropriate amount to the situation under policy until the reclassification has occurred.  Please follow the current process to request a stipend, and the HR Compensation Team will work to respond as quickly as possible.  

A non-exempt position in my department has taken on higher-level exempt functions that may move the position from non-exempt to exempt. Should I be concerned with this issue?

Not necessarily.  The manager should keep the FLSA exemption status as non-exempt.  An employer would not be in violation of law or regulations by paying overtime.  The delay in the change of FLSA exemption status does not disadvantage the employee since overtime should continue to be tracked and paid.  However, keep a list of the possible reclassification actions as per A1. If duties have changes significantly, a stipend may be considered, as described in A1, and working in consultation with the HR Compensation Team.

Represented employee reclassifications will continue to be evaluated by the Compensation Team.  For Non- Represented employees (such as Admin Specialists) moving into exempt supervisory roles, incumbents should be assigned to the appropriate new supervisory job code and associated ER code to reflect the incumbent’s increased authority

My department will be going through a major reorganization which will require several positions to take on significant additional responsibilities which would change their classifications. Will the Compensation Team be available to review and classify position descriptions as a result of reorganizations?
The Compensation Team will not be able to review departmental reorganizations until the end of the reclassification pause.  Exceptions will be made where a department leader indicates this is a critical need or emergency situation  Otherwise, departments may request a  stipend for positions affected until reclassification occurs.
Will all Career Tracks mapping and validation be complete before the reclassification pause?
Yes. Final validation is projected to be complete by end of August  and the reclassification pause begins September 1, 2017.
Please explain the procedure for departments that have a reclassification request occurring during the reclassification pause.
UC Davis Health procedures during reclassification pause:

a)       Reclassification requests SHOULD be submitted through the normal process during the reclassification pause, but will not be reviewed until after Feb 28, 2018. 

b)      An interim stipend may be requested for a position requiring reclassification during the reclassification pause. The interim stipend will be implemented pending completion of the reclassification review.

c)       Reclassification reviews will commence March 1, 2018. 

d)       Any resuting salary increase will be retroactive  to the date the completed reclassification request was received, taking into account stipend assigned. A completed reclassification request must include:  justification, current position description, updated position decription, organization chart. Incomplete requests will be returned to departments for resubmission.

UCD Campus procedures during reclassification pause: 

a)  Please do NOT submit your reclassification action until March 1, 2018.  PeopleAdmin System allows only one open action a time.  To allow for requests of interim stipends, we recommend compiling your reclassification requests and holding on to them until the pause ends. This will allow for the submission of stipend actions where appropriate.

b)  The department may choose to submit an interim stipend request throughPeopleAdmin, for processing pending completion of the reclassification review.

c)  Reclassification reviews will commence March 1, 2018.

d)  Any resulting salary increase will be effective the first monthly or biweekly pay cycle prospective of the date a completed reclassification action was received.  A completed reclassification request must include:  justification, current position description, updated position description, organization chart. Incomplete requests will be returned to departments for resubmission.