Performance Appraisal - Davis Campus Staff

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Non-represented Staff:  All non-represented staff except SMG (Senior Management Group) are appraised using the on-line competency-based tool.

Represented Staff:  Staff in the following collective bargaining units are appraised using the on-line competency-based tool.

  • CX-CUE Teamsters 2010 Clerical
  • EX-AFSCME Patient Care Technical
  • HX-UPTE-CWA Residual Health Care Professionals
  • NX-CNA Registered Nurses
  • RX-UPTE-CWA Research Support Professionals
  • SX-AFSCME Service
  • TX-UPTE CWA Technical Unit
  • F3-IAFF Firefighters

Paper Appraisals

Represented Staff:  Staff in the following collective bargaining units are appraised using the traditional paper-based appraisal tool.

  • PA-FUPOA Police - Uses the traditional paper EPAR

Accessing the EPAR Application and Knowledge Resources

The EPAR application requires CAS authentication 

Knowledge Resources

EPAR Application Tools EPAR Resources, Collaboration and Performance Management Tools
FAQ's Rating Guide Sample
EPAR Training Videos

Writing Samples

Diversity and Inclusion Goals Samples

UC Davis Core Competencies

If you have questions about the on-line EPAR system, please email the EPA Support Help Desk

Key Information for Supervisors

  • User Roles - Please familiarize yourself with the information related to "User Roles".   User roles are key in facilitating the proper routing of the appraisal and it is critical that the department leadership team thinks through the routing/approval/signature process that they want supervisors to follow. 
  • Annual Employee Setup - You will need to set up the roles for each person involved in the EPAR process, the employees you supervise and the departmental approval chain.  Please refer to the user guide for the details related to "Employee Setup" about how to setup, modify, delete information and/or transfer one or more employees to another supervisor.
  • Filling out Your Employee's Performance Appraisal - There are three parts to this portion:
    • Part I - Last Year's Performance
    • Part II -Future Goals
    • Part III-Overall Rating and Signatures

Key Information for Employees

  • Filling out your Summary of Accomplishments (SOA) - The Summary of Accomplishments has two parts:
    • Part I - Last Year's Performance
    • Part II- Future Goals

The process begins when you receive an email notification with a deadline for completing your SOA.  The link in the email will take you to the application where you may log in.  You can enter the EPAR application at any time prior to receiving your notification as long as your supervisor has set you up in the system.

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